Using dental crowns and caps for smile restoration

At Shandley Kane Dental of Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Drs. Steven Shandley, Elizabeth Kane, and Colleen Shandley work directly with patients to help them repair and restore their smiles when decay and damage have occurred. Dental crowns are commonly used to manage weakened teeth by providing extra protection and strength to prevent the need for extraction.

What is a dental crown?

DOur dentists describe dental crowns, sometimes referred to as “tooth caps,” that can protect a decayed or structurally damaged tooth from fracturing. This is essential because if a tooth is not adequately protected, it can lead to further health complications in the mouth.

A dental crown is commonly made of ceramic, porcelain, gold, or silver alloy, and is designed to fit over your existing tooth. While a gold tooth cap is strong and durable, many patients prefer a porcelain or ceramic crown that blends in more naturally with the other teeth. The dental crown helps restore the size, shape, strength, and appearance of your damaged tooth. It also prevents further damage from occurring and helps protect the remaining part of the tooth from decay.

Who might need a dental crown?

When you go into the office for a dental checkup, your dentist may suggest that a crown be placed on a tooth if it has a large filling with recurrent decay, significant wear or cracklines, or if a portion of the tooth is fractured. They may also recommend a crown for teeth that have undergone root canal therapy to help keep them strong and protected from future damage.

How do I learn more about dental crowns and caps?

If you reside in the Hoffman Estates, IL, area and are seeking a dental team with your smile in mind, call the office of Shandley Kane Dental at (847) 428-4646 to schedule an appointment. Our facility is located at 4885 Hoffman Boulevard, Suite #300, and is open to patients in the surrounding communities of Chicago, Barrington, Schaumburg, Elgin, Dundee, Palatine, and Arlington Heights, IL.