Why oral exams need to be done on a regular basis

Your dentist has likely told you that you need to attend routine dental exams and have regular dental cleanings. But why? If you have questions about the benefits of preventative dentistry, our team at Shandley Kane Dental of Hoffman Estates, Illinois, can help! We can educate you on the importance of taking a more proactive approach to oral health and wellness, including visiting the dentist regularly for cleanings, dental x-rays, and a thorough evaluation.

What are oral exams?

Oral exams, or routine dental evaluations, are a type of oral assessment used to look for oral disorders and diseases. During the exam, our dentists evaluate the stability of your overall oral health, including teeth and gums. They also look for signs of oral cancer and other abnormalities associated with periodontal disease or cavities. We may recommend treatments such as fillings, extractions, root canals, or dental crowns to restore your smile if any issues are found. We also take the time to explain your dental risk factors and recommend preventive measures to help preserve your smile. 

Why are these regular dental visits important?

Drs. Steven Shandley, Elizabeth Kane, and Colleen Shandley recommend that patients have a periodic oral exam at least every six months. For many patients, these appointments can help catch oral health issues early for more predictable and conservative  treatment. Early detection of dental problems is vital because the longer you delay, the more damage can occur, leading to more involved and costly treatments. If problems are not identified with routine examinations and early detection, then they may also escalate to pain or infection.

Additionally, routine cleanings at least every six months keeps your teeth and gums healthy by removing harmful plaque and tartar buildup that cannot be removed with brushing and flossing alone. With professional cleanings and examinations, our team can detect and prevent potential issues with your oral health before they become serious problems.

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